About David Livingstone

David Livingstone

The History of David Livingstone, 1813 - 1873:

1813: David Livingstone born on 19 March

1823: being work in cotton mill

1836: started Glasgow University as a Medical Student

1838: accepted by London Missionary Society

1840: ordained as a Doctor of Medicine
Dec 8th, Set sail for Africa.

1843: settled in Mabatsa
1844: Encounter with Lion, Marrage to Mary Moffat

1846: moved to Chonuane

1847: moved to Kolobeng

1849: crossed Kalahari Desert & discovered Lake Ngami

1851: discovered Zambesi

1852: Mary Livingstone returns to England with their children

1853: started from Linyanti heading for the West Coast

1854: May 31st through to Sept 20th at at Loanda.

1855: Crossed from Linyanti to Quilimane

1855: discovered Victoria Falls

1856: Dec 12th, return to England Dec 15th, presentation of medal from Royal Geographical Society

1857: wrote “Missionary Travels & Researches in South Africa”

1858: Feb 13th, meeting with queen Victoria, Mar 10th, set sail of Africa

1859: Mrs Livingstone died at Shupanga

1862: discovery of Lake Nyassa

1864: return to England Wrote “The Zambesi & its Tributaries”

1865: set sail of Africa via Bombay

1867: April 1st, reached lake Tanganyika, Nov 8th, discovered lake Mweru

1868: July 18th, discovered lake Bangweolo

1871: Lualaba at Nyangwe and witnessed slave-raid in market

Oct 31st, returned to Ujiji

Oct 28th, united with Stanley

1872: Mar 14th, part company with Stanley

1873: May 1st, Died at Chitambo village, Ilala

Carried by faithful followers to the coast

1874: Apr 18th, buried at Westminster Abbey